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Loved you (supposedly) ~

1.Sexual orientation

i usually consider myself as a bisexual, but i honestly don’t know anymore, haha. i haven’t had a serious crush in like three years and but i’ve had a crush on two guys and one girl, so i usually say bisexual when asked. may be considered as pansexuality as well, who knows.

2.What I’m really bad at

everything. this is really a stupid question to ask from someone who doesn’t really trust in any of her skills. :D but really bad at, uhm… i can’t draw backgrounds to save my life? IDK.

5.A description of my self-esteem

really, really low that it’s not even funny. seriously. i have my moments when everything feels like it’s going okay, but mostly i just get punched in the face by myself over petty things. i suppose i’m myself’s biggest bully in a way.

14.What my greatest achievements are

oh boy, at the moment there aren’t really that many, herp. i really liked getting to participate in the japanese speech event and even winning something from.

20.Favourite flavour of ice cream

i have no idea what it’s called in english but it’s basically a mix of mango and melon. *_*

24.I’ll love you if…

err… if you give me affection, olol? idek, i really don’t have anything that makes me immediately fall in love with someone, but i’m a very affectionate person so i would love it if people cuddled me more and stuff ;_;. I’LL LOVE YOU IF YOU’RE REVO!!

30.Two of my insecurities

everything. okay lol, at the moment my arms make me feel the most conscious about, i don’t really mind my body type all that much otherwise but my arms iffy me, and then there’s singing.

39.What I’m really good at

… uhm. uuuhm. uuuuuuuhm. ihavenoideai’msorry;__;

46.All of the pets I’ve ever had

during my lifetime my family has owned three dogs in total. all three of them were of a breed called briard. first one was a she called fredi, second a he called papa and the current one is papa’s son called kio/koi/kiokoi/and every other variation…

51.Something I should have said a long time ago

i really would appreciate if you’d answer me back. even if it’s a no.

this is why i don’t get questions. IDK TO EVERYTHING

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July 25, 2011
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