father’s day here in finland tomorrow. as i am the best daughter, i had to come up with something for my dad in two minutes since i am too lazy to make an actual card and i have no idea what to buy him as a present.

there’s the card, here’s what i wrote him:
"nowadays you can easily take care of a father’s day card with the help of photoshop and e-mail, but so that this won’t become too easy, i also have a link that you ought to click. if you get it opened, you’ll see the screening timetable of the local movie theater for the new tintin movie, from which you can decide a date, preferably something that matches with both mine and your schedule, and we might go and check out how tintin looks in 3D? :> i promise to pay for both’s tickets, but the popcorn you are going to have to pay from your own pocket. 

happy father’s day! ♥”

now let’s hope my e-mail won’t end up together with his trash mail and that he actually accepts my suggestion. he hasn’t been to the cinemas in like forever. :/

November 13, 2011
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