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that’s still more than I can dream of being acquainted with :’D it sounds like some linguist’s playground in your home

i’m actually super angry that my parents didn’t try raising me and my brother as bilingual, with either swedish or english as our second language!! my brother went to some english daycare for a year or two, but that’s basically it. what a waste, i tell ye.

but yeah, my family’s super boring and we just speak finnish to each other :( we could have it all…………..

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i thought about trying to learn Finnish once, but… 

i honestly don’t know what might be easy in learning this language. i recall hearing that one of the reasons why it isn’t considered to be more difficult than chinese, is because finnish doesn’t, at least, have its own alphabet system… also the pronunciation is pretty consistent, but even it has some inconsistencies at times (though not as bad as, say, ENGLISH).

like, i’ve studied some of the grammatical things of finnish from a foreigner’s perspective and been all like “nope, nope, nope”. there are so many freaking rules to remember that it’s ridiculous :—-D that topped with the fact that you wouldn’t really have any nice base with the vocabulary so oh boy, what a joy it would be to learn from scratch.

there’s also the thing how spoken (informal) and written (formal) finnish are pretty different. because finns are the laziest people ever and shorten all words in a sentence into one, basically. and this isn’t just an accent issue. i actually sometimes have difficulties trying to figure out if i can write some word in a certain way, because i’m not sure if it’s acceptable to write it so. most finns actually got angry when the institute for the languages of finland approved of a verb form to be now used in all written material, because it was so strongly used in spoken language (and has made its way into written language as well, i guess). pilkunnussinta (comma-fucking) is quite popular here.

so yeah, contact me if you ever wanna give it a try! 

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my how greedy.

1. Your native language.
one of the most difficult languages to learn (apparently), meaning i speak all suomi here, dude o7

3. Which languages you are learning, or want to learn.
japanese is forever in process of “can i pls pls plssss learn more of this”, but other than that i would like to improve my skills on every other language (so swedish, french, chinese, german) that i’ve learnt so far. don’t really feel a need to learn some other completely new language aside from those :3 not even spanish.

4. Does anyone in your family speak a language that you don’t?
well, both of my parents are fluent in swedish, so there’s that. i think my mom’s also better at german (though i’m not sure if she’s ever even studied it properly or has just picked it up somehow) and knows some spanish. with my dad i’m not really sure, and i don’t even know if my bro has studied anything other than english and swedish…….. let’s just say that i’m only the third best at english in our family!!

5. Your favourite language to listen to.
japanese uvu it’s somewhat similar to finnish, but more softer in tone and thus nicer to listen to. though then again i like quite strong and rough english accents like scottish and irish, so i dunno what my criteria here are, lol. i guess i like to understand the language to some extend, at least.

6. Your least favourite language to listen to.
uhhh… i’m not a big fan of russian :D;; but i wouldn’t say it’s horrible per se. at least there isn’t a language where you talk by scratching the blackboard or anything (or is there?????).

8. Your favourite word in your second language(if you know one).
let’s pretend english is my second language (technically it is!!) so i can say per se here. perse means ass in finnish. enough said.

10. A list of your favourite words in any language.
i have to start keeping a list of words after this meme, clearly. 

11. A song you like in a language other than English.
i pretty much only listen to songs in japanese, with occasional english and finnish songs jumping in to the party. it’s pretty funny though how my finnish taste differ greatly from the usual songs i listen to in japanese :—D here’s a song (Grey is a Good Colour) from ismo alanko, whose voice i just love, ahhh ahhh!

12. If you could pick one language to learn automatically without having to work for it, which language would you choose?
prolly japanese, but if not that then definitely chinese! chinese seemede grammatically something that wouldn’t be too difficult to learn, but i doubt i could manage all those characters when i have trouble with kanji in japanese already.

13. Have you ever seen a whole movie in a language you don’t understand?
i once watched harry potter&the chamber of secrets in spanish. it was pretty much the funniest shit i’ve ever seen.

14. A language you like, but wouldn’t put the effort into learning.
mmm, maybe some pretty rare language that is only spoken in small tribes somewhere. or hieroglyphs, idk ´v`

15. Write a short introduction of yourself in a language other than English.

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._________. senpai, you know a heck lotta languages

well, the finnish system pretty much encourages students to learn languages, lel. because you already have to learn two other languages beside your mother tongue as compulsory studies, and at least in my high school you could take spanish, italian, russian, french, german and estonian as your electives. some bigger schools offer even more than just those “basics”. also my family is pretty language-orientated because of my mother :’D so no, i really don’t feel like i know many languages. i would rather say that i’ve gotten acquainted with a few languages, haha.

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2. Which languages you know.

finnish is the grand thing that i like to call my mother tongue. super glad for that, since i sure wouldn’t wanna try learning it later.

english comes as a strong second; i’ve been influence by the language basically all my life (hello mom and her job as a translator) and am currently even studying in english which is… interesting!

swedish has to be third here since urghhh why is it the second official language in this country, for reals? the only reason i’m so good at understanding the freaking language is due to watching swedish dubbed cartoons heck of a lot when i was a child, but all skills of producing said language are basically blergh. i’d still say that the only way for me to ever learn this language properly is that somebody forces me to go and live in sweden for at least a couple of months. and forcing me into situations where using swedish is my only option.

with japanese i took an intensive study year in a folk high school to get myself somewhere around N4 level. i’m really poor when it comes to independent studying, so i’ve been trying to keep the skills active by trying translating and sometimes reading a bit on grammar, kanji, etc. hopefully i’ll make some real progress this autumn, after a few years of basically standing on the same spot!

then there are the three bastards of french, german, and chinese. french i actually studied for two years in middle school, but i guess i was angry at my school for not having any spanish lessons for my grade there, so all my motivation for french was pretty… not there, to say. still, i was the only one from the class who volunteered to read a french menu for an event despite being maybe the worst in class :——-D the fuck, people.
as for german and chinese, took one course on both of them, because i was curious, lol! i would have liked to take more german, but i didn’t find much time for it (i was lazy) in the end. it was definitely interesting to learn the basics of these from a linguistic perspective, though. 

7. Your favourite word in your native language.

… gosh. it’s either something really pretty or something really clever, yet i can’t think of either! i’m gonna say vesinokkaeläin, for now. it basically means waterbeakanimal, so that gets us the finnish word for platypus :———D you’re welcome!

9. Your favourite word in a language you don’t really speak.

i’m surrounded by so many freaking nationalities at school and still, urghhh….. b-bueno! (maybe check the other-wordly blog for better answers.)

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